Volumetric dosing for flavour and fragrance

Rapid, reliable volumetric dosing

Quanta is a volumetric dosing robot that's fast, robust and reliable. 

Simultaneous dosing means you have a sample ready within 60 seconds. This modern machine is designed for use in both sampling and production - a single investment that will improve multiple aspects of your process. 

This machine is compatible with over 2,000 chemicals. 

Manual dosing processes can mean it takes hours to produce a sample. There's often operator error and raw materials are wasted when mistakes are made, not to mention damage to reputation. 

Quanta automates the process, reducing it to just a few minutes. With Quanta, you can accelerate perfumer creativity. 

Your clients needs change throughout each season, and another advantage of Quanta is the ability to scale seamlessly to meet changing demands in production. 

Why automate with Accurate Dosing Systems?

reduced lead time


Respond faster to customer briefs

Quanta produces a sample in just 40 seconds, enabling you to delight your customers with a quick turnaround. 

intellectual property protection


Protect intellectual property

Quanta works with ONYX, a batch software system which doses the formula set by senior staff. Operators have only limited visibilty of the formula.  

improve product quality


Eliminate mistakes

Reduce human error with robotic automation and facilitate full traceability using ONYX batch software. 

small footprint


Reduce factory floorspace

Robotic automation reduces the space required for fragrance and flavour compounding. 

different batch sizes


Industrial solutions or small business

Automate a small sampling laboratory or a large manufacturing factory with our customisable automation robots. 

user friendly software


Intuitive batch software

Our custom-designed compounding software, ONYX, is easy to program and simple to operate. With ONYX you can guarantee the quality of your product. 

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