Gravimetric dosing robot for fragrance & flavour

Automate with Veritas

Veritas is a gravimetric dosing robot that enables you to acheive over 90% automation of liquid raw materials. With a small footprint, this robot is suitable for installation in any building, even a high-rise office space. 

Veritas automates both sampling and production, with capacity for over 1000 raw materials. The machine is between one and three square metres, making it the most compact automated solution. It's simple design is easy to service, and it's affordable to rent. This means you can see a return on investment in a short amount of time. 

Why choose an Accurate Dosing Systems robot?



Accelerate productivity

Achieve a high-automation rate and optimise your production capacity. 

reduced lead time


Respond faster to customer briefs

Faster production and sampling means a shorter lead time, so you can delight your customers with a quick turnaround.  

intellectual property protection


Protect intellectual property

ONYX batch software combined with robotic automation limits operator access to formulas. 

improve product quality


Eliminate mistakes

Reduce human error with robotic automation and facilitate full traceabilty using ONYX batch software. 

small footprint


Reduce factory floorspace

Robotic automation reduces the space required for fragrance and flavour compounding. 

product in an hour


Enable perfumer creativity

Automation enables perfumers to rapidly compound and assess a larger number of formulas. 

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