Why Accurate Dosing Systems?

Faster production and sampling, with less error. High-tech solutions that can scale with changing demand. Lighter, more compact solutions. Reliable and agile customer service.

Our dosing machines are suitable for both production and laboratory scale manufacturing.

Quanta, a simultaneous volumetric dosing robot, has a modular design, making it easy to increase automation as your requirements grow.

Veritas, a lightweight gravimetric dosing machine, has a tiny footprint and can be installed even in a high-rise building. 

With these solutions, you can automate as much or as little of your production as required, and further eliminate user error by using Cosmos to semi-automate of operator tasks.

Our solutions are scalable, which means you can increase automation at any stage. As a small or large business, there's a solution that will boost your productivity. 

Our engineers will consider the whole process, with a focus on designed the optimal workflow to accomodate your business requirements. With a short lead time, you'll see a return on investment quickly.