Laboratory Flavour and Fragrance Dosing Systems

Quanta Sampling Dosing System

The laboratory system, Quanta sampling, is very compact and can fit almost anywhere in your laboratory. Our laboratory systems allow for rapid product and sample development, reducing new product development time.

Quanta is very easy to operate and can be integrated within your existing software for intuitive operation. Quanta sampling is designed for quick and easy installation and servicing. Once on site, Quanta can be operational within 48 hours.


Improve your productivity and reduce costs


Using your production statistics ADS can determine the amount of raw materials you should automate to optimise your production capabilities.

Reduce your manufacturing lead time

reduced lead time

The majority of dosing systems dispense in a serial manner, requiring a longer production time. Having the capability to simultaneously dispense an entire formula of raw materials, provides you with a dramatic reduction in your manufacturing time and therefore large reductions in lead times.

Protect your IP

intellectual property protection

Using an Accurate Dosing System allows you to protect your IP in several ways:

  • Eliminate operator access to formulas
  • Produce economically viable, complex formulas
  • Manufacture secret key formulas and ship globally

An ADS unit eliminates operator access to formulas (production batches) and the individual amounts of raw materials added.

Increase your product quality

improve product quality

Automating your production process reduces the variation and majority of human interaction with your product. This consequently reduces the chance of human error, improving your product quality.

Reduce your footprint

small footprint

Using an ADS unit, a large number of raw materials can be compounded within a small manufacturing area. This is extremely advantageous where space is of concern. ADS units require a vastly smaller manufacturing footprint than other dosing systems.

Material stores will vary depending on the size and need of your company.

Develop a new product in an hour

product in an hour

Using an ADS unit, it is possible to rapidly develop a new product. Through formula modifications and rapid compounding, multiple unique samples can be made in quick succession.

This allows for a large number of samples to be assessed in a short period of time.

User friendly software

user friendly software

ADS has developed an intuitive software system called Insight. Insight controls your automated dosing system and can be easily be integrated with your existing formulating & production software.

Insight combines ease of use and functionality to give a seamless and straight forward experience.

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